A few cool new photo sites

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Here are a few sites that I discovered recently:

Techniques and tips, including good information on measuring the black point of your printer:

Cool nature photos from the winner of this year’s Popular Photography contest:

Microsoft is getting into the photo game with some useful content:

Microsoft Professional Photography

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Wedding pictures!

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Magda and I have now been married for over a month! And I’m finally ready to post some wedding pictures :) Most of the pictures were taken by stefanka photography, and by my friend Alex Meyer. I have cropped and/or edited all the photos, however.

See Magda and Jud’s wedding pictures

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Using unsharp mask in ImageMagick

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ImageMagick is an open source, free, cross-platform set of image processing command-line tools. I use IM to process some of my images for presenation on the web. The sharpening functionality (unsharp mask) is not very well documented, and I found a pretty thorough explanation of
how to use unsharp mask in ImageMagick.

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Quick Reference Cards for geeks

Posted on September 6th, 2005 in , by jud || Add A Comment

Mike just sent me a link to some free reference cards for geeks. Subjects include perl, apache, emacs, xml and xpath. I’m using the one for the perl template toolkit, and perl regular expressions.

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