Fedora Core 3 and MySQL4.1

Posted on February 9th, 2005 in , by jud || Add A Comment

I wanted to install MySQL4.1 on my laptop runninng Fedora Core 3. Unfortunately, only the 3.23 versions are currently available through Fedora, evidently because of some license issues. However, there are some
good instructions for setting up MySQL4.1 under fedora here.

Everything seemed to work as specified with the following exceptions:

1. I installed the latest (4.1.9) version of MySQL. This hasn’t caused any problems.

2. I couldn’t find the version of MySQL 3.23.58-9 that they mentioned when created the
new MySQL-shared-compat rpm. Instead, I simply copied
the latest version from my yum cache, which was mysql-3.23.58-14.rpm, and modified the “define release3” line so that it was 14 instead of 9. Then the rpmbuild command worked fine. Still haven’t
tested it with php, etc… but I’ll get to that. Here’s the diff of my MySQL-shared-compat.spec file:

- %define release3 9
+ %define release3 14

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IPython: Interactive Python

Posted on February 8th, 2005 in , by jud || Add A Comment

There’s a great article on oreilly.com about IPython, an interactive python shell. Although not suitable as
a full shell replacement, it provides powerful enhancements to the standard interactive interpreter. The
interactive interpreter is one of the most useful features of python when working with small snippets of code, allowing you to try out things easily.

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