Jud Dagnall's Resume

I bring to the table nearly ten years of combined development experience in Python, Zope, Plone, Object Oriented Perl, C and C++ on Linux.

Current I am a software engineer and toolsmith at Yahoo!, the world's largest internet company. I write and mantain tools that are used by the core engineering teams using open source technologies (FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, and Perl, PHP and Python: BAMP :)

Previously, I was a software engineer at Silicon Graphics in Mountain View, where I maintain the Zope-based content management system that drives our customer support website, support.sgi.com

I was a Technology Coordinator and Linux system administrator for more than three years, responsible for not only the day to day operations, but also long term technology strategies, implementation, system documentation, specifications and architecture.

My background in diverse, and includes a Computer Science degree from Princeton University with extensive coursework in computer graphics and algorithms. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and I am a proven self-starter who learns quickly and makes significant contributions under all circumstances.

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