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Tufa formations near Castle Tufa : Mono Lake 2004

Posted on January 8th, 2007 in , by jud || No Comment

Someone asked to see a comparison image to see how much the water level has risen. Here’s an image from September 2004 taken near the same location as the previous post. Note that this image was taken to the left of the other image, so although the largest tufa haven’t been submerged, the biggest differences can be seen near the top left.

The water level has risen by several feet since this image was create, making it impossible to walk up to the larger Castle Tufa formation, and covering many of the smaller tufa on the left that I named the Tufa Garden. Another view of this spot can be seen at http://dagnallphoto.com/art?gallery=mono_lake&id=9

Castle Tufa is located near Navy Beach at the Mono Lake South Tufa reserve.

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