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Rose & Jeremiah Wedding

Posted on June 28th, 2006 in , , by jud || No Comment

Last Sunday was a scorcher, but I got to spend it with a fun couple Rose and Jeremiah + Leonard Norwitz from lensphoto.

The ceremony was held at the Santa Clara mission:

The Santa Clara Mission.

Rose looking radiant with a beautiful bouquet from www.flower-flour.com:

Rose with her bouquet

Lighting the unity candle:
Lighting the unity candle

What a great-looking couple!
Rose and Jeremiah

Jeremiah with the girls!
Jeremiah with the girls

The head table:

The head table

Their dance:

Jermemiah and Rose dancing

They had a spectacular cake:

Their cake

And to finish off, Jeremiah successfully retrieved the garter using only his teeth, and Rose was laughing all the way through!

Going for the garter

I’m sure they’ll have a great honeymoon in Hawaii!

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