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New Camera: Canon 20D 8MP DSLR

Posted on January 12th, 2005 in , by jud || No Comment

This Christmas I decided it was time to upgrade my canon D60 camera. It’s nearly two years old, positively ancient! I briefly experimented with the Canon Powershot G6, and although I liked the video feature, I simply found it too limiting to use a non-DLSR. I have a nice variety of canon lenses for the D60 which give me much more flexibility, and although the small point and shoot would be handy, it wasn’t truly small enough to put it in my pocket and forget about it. So as someone described it, it was the “worst of both worlds.” That being said, I had many great experiences with the G1 before I got into more “serious” cameras, and the G6 would be a good camera for someone not willing to go the full monty with a DSLR.

All that is just preamble for the main event– I decided to get the new Canon 20D, and keep the D60 as a backup. I’m very pleased with it so far, and for me the best improvements are as follows: It’s FAST (5 frames per second)!, has better flexibilty with the raw/jpeg/both shooting formats, has a sensor that autorotates pictures taking in portrait mode (a HUGE annoyance with the D60!), has much better low light shooting (low noise and better focusing). I’ve shot a few hundred pictures with it, and I’m very pleased overall. It’s a significant but not monumental step forward, and I feel very comfortable knowing that I have a capable backup camera. I got the 18-55 kit lens which was a mistake (I misread the specs, and thought it had image stabilization. That’s the 17-85 IS for about $500 more!). I purchased the camera from www.buydig.com, the same place I got the G6. Excellent price, speedy delivery, and no problems.

If you’re interested, dpreview has a nice review that I found to be helpful in making my decision.

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