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The Apprentice: NEWSFLASH: male executives prefer male executives!

Posted on December 17th, 2004 in by jud || No Comment

I got hooked on *The Apprentice* this season. That’s pretty surprising because I don’t normally watch TV (I bought an antenna 4 years ago to see the Olypics, and this is the first show I’ve regularly watched in years). I was drawn in by the boardroom byplay that went on. The tasks weren’t terribly exciting, but seeing how each of the contestants spun reality was very interesting and even applicable to real life. It was very interesting to see how each person represented themselves, when they waited and watched, and when they attacked. So I was looking forward to the finale. However, one thing stood out even more clearly than the winner. Kelly’s good, no doubt about that. But I was astounded that Donald Trump couldn’t even drum up even one female exec outside of his sidekick Caroline to comment on the candidates. It was astonishing to see, actually. Jen completely dominated Kelly in their discussions, attacked him on issues where he had no credible response, and left him looking flat and unimpressive. Trump even warned him that he was getting schooled, before firing Jennifer.

I couldn’t help feeling that the glass ceiling had smacked down pretty hard on her. Yes, Kelly was great, a natural leader with impeckable credentials. But come on! Jen was outstanding too, and seemed to posess the skills and aggressiveness that Trump values. Does Trump really not know any high-powered females that he’d invite onto the show to share their perspective? Although the numbers might truly be representitive national averages, I’m left with the dissapointing feeling that the status quo was just reinforced: The old boy club just picked one of their own. Trump seemed to feel that Jen had a lot of opportunities ahead: perhaps he meant that he’s saving a spot for her in his Miss Universe pageant. Boo!

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