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A newly discovered series, the Merlin Codex, that blends Greek, Roman, Norse and Arthurian mythology.

Posted on July 5th, 2004 in by jud || No Comment

Centuries before he meets Arthur, Merlin wanders the Earth, eternally young, a traveller on the path of magic and learning. He joins Jason’s search for the Golden Fleece. It is a decision that will cost him dear…

is the first book the Merlin Codex, is an exciting new series. (I’ve just ordered volume 2, “Iron Grail”: )

It blends a number of my favorite mythological genres, and does a good job of tying together the various elements. The story is told from the point of view of Merlin, whose powers, while strong, are still limited by his great desire to preserve his youth: the cost of his magic is outward aging. I enjoy the tragic, gritty tone of typical of greek mythology, and the characters, while heroic in their powers, also must deal with faults and flaws of heroic preportions.

Definitely worth a read.

### Update 2004-12-17

The second book, Iron Grail, was horrible. Avoid it and stick with the first one.