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Erin and Brian: Wedding at Palmdale Estates

Posted on April 1st, 2009 in , , by jud || No Comment

Last weekend I photographed a great couple in the warm early spring weather. The wedding was at the beautiful Palmdale Estates in Fremont.

Erin and Brian are so easy-going and fun, and appreciate photography. Brian’s a photographer, but managed to keep his camera off for most of the night :)

Erin’s sister is an amazing dressmaker, and she made Erin’s dress. She also made the dress of another bride from 2007. Thanks Marianne and Justin for recommending me!

One of the fun things that Erin and Brian did was to have people sing, instead of clinking glasses, to get the bride and groom to kiss. There were a surprising number of singers, and a LOT of kissing :)

Erin looked gorgeous, and Brian looked sharp too!

Thanks for letting me share your day, and have a great time in Hawaii!

Pearl and Maroof – Wedding at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda

Posted on July 18th, 2008 in , , by jud || 3 Comments

Pearl and Maroof had a beautiful wedding at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda. We were able to spend several hours before the ceremony in a portrait session in down town San Jose, and created a number of striking images around town. They had chosen the Rotunda because of the cool, modern architecture, and wanted that to be a part of their day. The ceremony itself was wonderful, and I’m wishing you both an exciting start to your new life in DC. Happy belated birthday, Pearl!

Pearl getting ready

Just before the dress

Seeing each other for the first time in the International Suite at the San Jose Fairmont

Last dance

Wedding: Narimel and Daron

Posted on November 23rd, 2007 in , by jud || 2 Comments

Narimel and Daron are such a wonderfully fun couple. I had a great time shooting their wedding with Ammie Wang, and they definitely knew how to get the party going!

Kristi and Jorge’s wedding: 9/8/07

Posted on September 9th, 2007 in , , by jud || 3 Comments

Kristi and Jorge were so much fun! They had a beautiful wedding at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame, complete with a vintange Rolls Royce! Kristi started the afternoon by getting well cared for at Michelle’s Hair Care in Belmont, and was so relaxed and happy (and of course beautiful) all day long. Jorge was also so relaxed, and a true gentleman! They laughed, danced, and were so happy together all day and night!

The videographer, David Manzo from Bejaw Productions was great to work with, and and the DJ Manual Sanchez really got the party jumping all night long.

Enjoy your honeymoon, you two!

The complete online gallery should be available in about a month, and be sure to register for notification. Username is kristijorge07w, and email me if you didn’t get one of my cards with the event password. Below you can find a few of my picks to get you started!

Wedding of Kristi and Jorge in Burlingame

Kami and Kit – San Juan Oaks Golf Club

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Kami and Kit had a great wedding on September 30th at the San Juan Oaks Golf Club. I was there again with Craig Smith, and we had a ton of fun. Kit’s a golfer, and we spent a little time on the driving range. They were definitely enjoying the day, and Kit even managed to get in a round of golf before the ceremony! Kami’s father gave an incredibly touching speech, and had the whole place in tears.

And now, the images:

Golshan & Manuel – 9/29/06

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Wow. So many weddings to post, but here’s a start. Golshan (what a cool name) and Manuel are such a great couple, and thanks to Craig Smith for this gig. It was quite a party, with outstanding food, relaxed and really fun family, a full mariachi band, and quite a bit of flair!

And now, the images:

Jodie + Mike at Kohl Mansion

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Jodie and Mike had an beautiful, fun and low-key wedding at the incredible Kohl Mansion in Burlingame. They are such a cool couple, relaxed, fun and very classy. I was with Craig Smith and we had a great time.

Jodie looking radiant:


Kohl Mansion:

Kohl Mansion

Mike met Jodie moments before the ceremony to give her the bouquet. It was a very emotional moment.

Jodie and Mike

The guys:

Jodie and Mike

Just before the ceremony began:

Jodie and Mike

The families waiting expectantly for everything to get started:

Waiting expectantly

Jodie with her father:

Jodie with her father

The first kiss:

The first kiss

The decor was top-notch:

table decorations

Full of special details:

Table details

And the light was just right:

Cake in the light

And what a cake:

The cake

Their first dance:

the first dance

Jodie and her father:

Jodie and her father

Some traditional Greek dancing:

Jodie and Mike

Did I say what a cake ?!

Jodie and Mike

Kohl mansion after dark:

Jodie and Mike

Rose & Jeremiah Wedding

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Last Sunday was a scorcher, but I got to spend it with a fun couple Rose and Jeremiah + Leonard Norwitz from lensphoto.

The ceremony was held at the Santa Clara mission:

The Santa Clara Mission.

Rose looking radiant with a beautiful bouquet from www.flower-flour.com:

Rose with her bouquet

Lighting the unity candle:
Lighting the unity candle

What a great-looking couple!
Rose and Jeremiah

Jeremiah with the girls!
Jeremiah with the girls

The head table:

The head table

Their dance:

Jermemiah and Rose dancing

They had a spectacular cake:

Their cake

And to finish off, Jeremiah successfully retrieved the garter using only his teeth, and Rose was laughing all the way through!

Going for the garter

I’m sure they’ll have a great honeymoon in Hawaii!

Wedding: Vicky and Chris

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Last weekend I photographed a fun wedding with a great couple, Vicky and Chris. The wedding was held outdoors at Ardenwood historic park in Fremont. I wish them the best and hope that they enjoy their Jamacian honeymoon! Here are some images:

Vicky getting ready:

The bride getting ready

The beautiful bride:

The beautiful Vicky

Chris looking sharp:

Chris looking sharp

The bride waits…

The bride waits

Vicky arrived at the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage!

Vicky in the carriage

The ceremony

The ceremony

They had a horse-drawn carriage. I love the expression on the driver’s face!

In the carriage

Chris with all the ladies

Chris with all the ladies

During the dancing:

During the dancing

The first dance
The first dance