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Erin and Brian: Wedding at Palmdale Estates

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Last weekend I photographed a great couple in the warm early spring weather. The wedding was at the beautiful Palmdale Estates in Fremont.

Erin and Brian are so easy-going and fun, and appreciate photography. Brian’s a photographer, but managed to keep his camera off for most of the night :)

Erin’s sister is an amazing dressmaker, and she made Erin’s dress. She also made the dress of another bride from 2007. Thanks Marianne and Justin for recommending me!

One of the fun things that Erin and Brian did was to have people sing, instead of clinking glasses, to get the bride and groom to kiss. There were a surprising number of singers, and a LOT of kissing :)

Erin looked gorgeous, and Brian looked sharp too!

Thanks for letting me share your day, and have a great time in Hawaii!

Ian and Magda at the Botanical Gardens

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We spent the afternoon walking around the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco. We’d hoped to go to see the new Museum, but tickets were not available by the time we arrived. However, it was a beautiful day to be outside, and I wanted to post some images since Ian has gotten so much bigger!

Happy New Year!


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Jahna + Nam: Engagement Session in downtown San Jose

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We had a great engagement session with Jahna and Nam in downtown San Jose. I’m looking forward to their wedding this weekend!


Pearl and Maroof – Wedding at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda

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Pearl and Maroof had a beautiful wedding at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda. We were able to spend several hours before the ceremony in a portrait session in down town San Jose, and created a number of striking images around town. They had chosen the Rotunda because of the cool, modern architecture, and wanted that to be a part of their day. The ceremony itself was wonderful, and I’m wishing you both an exciting start to your new life in DC. Happy belated birthday, Pearl!

Pearl getting ready

Just before the dress

Seeing each other for the first time in the International Suite at the San Jose Fairmont

Last dance

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Sandra and Sascha had a romatic engagement session at Santana Row. They brought the passion, and we had a great time.

Megan + Justin

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I had a really fun portrait session last week with a great couple:

Ian at eight months

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Ian at 6 months

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Standing tall together

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Monica & Robb’s engagement

Smiles a mile wide

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Monica & Robb’s engagement

Lovers stroll

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Monica & Robb’s engagement


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Monica & Robb’s engagement

Robb & Monica

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Monica & Robb’s engagement

From above

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Monica & Robb’s engagement

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